Sunday, November 2, 2008

Good News for HoneyD and all of us

I've met this lady, HoneyD virtually in one of the local forum community.
Her cute little Adam had BCF and has gone few serial of casting at one of the private Hospital in JB.

In July, she sent me 2 photos of Adam's feet and she also sent these 2 photos to Dr Ponseti.

So, I suggested her to see Prof Sharaf and she did.
After few months, now Adam's feet is already corrected.

[All photos are courtesy and given permission to published by HoneyD]

I'm very very happy for Adam and his parents.
Atleast, they are not suffering longer time like us.
Ponseti Method has able to make one life to walk as normal child...:)

To HoneyD, thank you for believing me and we should not stop here.
To Prof Sharaf, thank you for helping us.Maybe you should publish this method in the newspaper.So that others will know and appreciate.I will continue my part to bring the awareness virtually.

Ponseti Method has brought me to many friendly and helpful friends.
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