Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Appointment 3rd June - follow up in Bangkok

Salam Ramadhan and raya is soon..

We went to Bangkok on 2nd June for Dania's follow up appointment.
We have been struggling to get Dania stretch to ensure she will have the minimum dorsiflexion. 

She is already 140cm tall. When u first saw her in this blog she just turn 1 and bow she is 9 years old.

She can walk and she squat like any other kids but her running style is so funny.

There is no improvement of her dorsiflexion.
In fact her dorsiflexion is zero. Nevertheles her dorsiflexion for non clubfoot feet is only 10' degree.

Even her flatfoot is worst and Dr Amnuay taught her on how to exercise to minimise her flat foot.

She need to continue stretching and also running to keep her muscle strong and improve her dorsiflexion.

Dr Amnuay also told us that there is official guidelines to improve the condition of the dorsiflexion but Dania need to do stretching consistently.

We met 2 Malaysian families in Bumrungrad. They will be more families will come to Bangkok for help if there is no improvement in Malaysia's treatment method.

I still see splints, and I still hear many babies were in casting for many many times. I also still hear failure of the treament e.g. Relapse etc.

Dania is growing up rapidly but Malaysia treatment still slow in improvement progress. The babies need help. Why can't Malaysia Orthopedics throw all the splints and practise the correct Ponsti Methods once and for all??

Things to shout about on 17 December.

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