Friday, April 10, 2009

Dania & her dancing time at Tokyo Disneyland

Last year, I keep my finger cross and I'm so sceptical whether Dania can walk by herself in Tokyo Disneyland. She just starts walking 2 months ago...on Valentine's day. In our recent visit to Tokyo Disneyland, she danced and sang of the best moment in my life...:)

She doesn't look like a clubfoot baby, don't u think so?

Friday, April 3, 2009

Share Some Info on the Dobbs Bar

Hello all,

This is my first time writing in this blog. Thanks to Ina as a blog owner for inviting me to contribute something here.

i just came back from Singapore (to be exact KK Hospital). Past few weeks i noticed my son feet has relapsed due to non-compliance of using FAB. It's hard to make him wear the FAB all the time especially when he started to crawl and stand. He will show tantrums and crying out loud until we finally had to remove the FAB. After few research and communication, we found out that the Dobbs Bar is available in Singapore and can be purchased directly from KKH, which the total amount (after converting to MYR) is way cheaper compared to order directly from the U.S!
If u order directly from the U.S, the shipping cost is about USD90 (add about USD20 and u can get 1 more dobbs bar..). And maybe the item is taxable since it is considered as medical device but im not very sure..

To share some info, i bought this Dobbs bar at KK Hospital, Singapore. It can be purchased directly from Rehab Dept (non-refundable) which is open on the weekdays only. Thanks to Dr Kevin Lim from Orthopaedic Dept of KKH for the info! The cost is below MYR700 (about MYR666++ inclusive of 7% GST, however it is subject to currency exchange as well). i am calculating based on exchange rate of 2.360.

While i am writing this entry, my son is still in casting applied by Dr Halim of HUKM to correct his feet before we use this Dobbs Bar. I just can't wait to see the outcome. Hopefully he can adapt well with the Dobbs Bar. Shall revert with the outcome soon!
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