Sunday, June 21, 2015

2015 visit to Bangkok

Countless visit since Dania was 1 year old.

We slip last year because Durra was still small and it is so trouble to bring 2 toddlers in a flight.

Since Hokkaido trip last March, my kids suit themselves with journey in flight.

This is the finding of Dania's recent follow up in Bangkok.

1. From the X-ray her abnormal bone shows better location that previous years.
2. Last 2 years by looking at the X-ray, she has the potential to relapse. But the X-ray shows the feet looks better now.
3. Her calf looks smaller as per previous X-ray. but it is normal for unilateral clubfoot.
4. Dorsiflexion satisfy the minimum requirement.
5. She is required to do more stretching and exercising on her own.

Dania has more confident when converse with Dr Amnuay during this trip.
Before this she just keep quite and asked for translation.

The next follow up will be next 2 years but we will take yearly follow up instead.

Picture above is Nurse Naan.
She is leaving us to migrate to US.
She is now married with American.
She has been with us for the past 7 years.
Thank you Naan for your support through out this year and all the best to you at your new place.

Thursday, June 4, 2015


3rd June has been chosen to celebrate World Clubfoot Day and the date is also late Dr Ponseti birthday.
Malaysia society is still new with clubfoot and society is not aware on the possible non-surgical treatment of the clubfoot. 8 years ago, there is lack of information on the clubfoot over the internet  and there is no specific technique applied to treat this deformity mentioned by our own doctor. Therefore, I have decided to meet Dr Amnuay in Bangkok after series of casting failed in Malaysia.

The community of Malaysian Clubfoot has been increased for the past 3 years and thank you to Facebook and Malaysia Clubfoot Blog. Members of the Facebook group have suggested to do a small gathering to gather all of us in one event which can be benefited to everyone.

When Ponseti International announced 3rd June is the World Clubfoot Day, we have decided to have a small event to celebrate and also to gain experience from the parents as well as the medical expert. Our 1st Malaysia World Clubfoot event aims to spread the awareness of the Clubfoot within Malaysian and to promote Ponseti Method as the best treatment to treat clubfoot. This one full event was attended by parents of the clubfoot and their children and also the medical experts. There are about 90 parents attended and 12 medical practitioners came to this event.

We have one morning session for parents to share their knowledge and experience on the clubfoot  journey and in the afternoon, we have talk by 2 local Orthopedic Surgeon which are Dr Ong Shong Meng from Sunway Medical centre, Dr Yong Su Mei from Tun Shin Hospital and also our guest of honor from Bangkok , Dr Amnuay Jirasirikul. After the talk session, we have  4 lucky feet has been selected to be assessed by the doctors, reviewed and next course of action to be taken by the doctors. In this session, Dr Amnuay has shared his approach to handle the clubfoot with the local doctors and they also exchanges views with others.

From the event, parents have gained new knowledge on how to handle their children during Ponseti Method Treatment especial during casting, bracing and also relapse prevention. The questions and answers session has also helped the parents to understand the deformity better and has been convinced that the deformity can be corrected with the right technique and without massive surgical correction.

Credit to all members of the FB Clubfoot Malaysia – Ponseti for Clubfoot

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Salam Everyone,

Lama tak menjenguk Blog ni.
Saya dapati ada 4 comments yang terlepas pandang.
Saya tidak dapat notification email on this comment earlier on.
Saya akan mencari masa untuk selalu kemaskinikan blog clubfoot ni ye!

Happy World Clubfoot Day Everyone!!

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