Saturday, March 27, 2010

Calling one

Many of my friends/relatives called me and they said they have friends who had clubfoot problem.

I just can share my experience, my simple knowledge..Somehow how I wish I can do more.

I'm setting up a fund with our 1st objective to introduce Malaysian Clubfoot official website.Latest news, we have registered the website..:D

We've got our initial fund from our Thai Silk Sales. We will continue to find a way to generate fund for this small charity project.

Other than that, we can help those low income earners on travelling subsidy for clubfoot treatment. Dania would love to meet all of her friends.

Then my next target is to have a pool Ponseti FAB shoes. So that people can rent intead of buying.

I have a lots of plan in mind and I need sponsors.

I need our own local physician to assist me on consulting this parents. Why can't any of them help me?Is it too much to ask?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dania's 2nd FAB

When her dad told her she got a new shoes, she was so excited.I'm a bit worry that she may not get it. Once she open the box, you can see her face was so excited seeing her new FAB..fuhhhss..

This is her new Ponseti Shoe Size 7/8. She has been in this corrective shoes since she was 14 months old. For record, now she is coming to 36 months old. She is wearing the shoe every night without fail (yet!!) and we are accommodating at least 10 hours per night. But sometimes it less.
We are quite lucky that Dania is very much cooperative when wearing the shoe except that there was time she was crying in pain at night. I think she had a nightmare...:D
So, guys don't give up ya!!
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