Friday, December 10, 2010

Potty Training - Clubfoot experience

Kami mula mengajar Dania 'Potty Training' as early as she reached 3 yrs old (somewhere in April & May) but we FAILED..

Even kat Nursery, many times she forgot that time she was diapers-free..

Until last October, dalam 2 hari sahaja, Dania berjaya di potty trained kan..even kat Nursery pon she proudly tell her friends that she is now free from diapers.

So until now she is diapers free on DAY time. Yelahkan kami pikir jugak, malam kalau x pakai diapers karang, habis basah satu tilam. Another thing, nak bukak kasut Ponseti tuh yg amek masa before pegi toilet..

Currently Dania is still wearing her brace from 10pm to 7am/8am. Tapi semalam, she wakes me up, minta bukak kasut nak pegi wewee. Mama pulak excited,melompat bangun and tolong dia.Earlier night she wakes her dad (mama tak perasan pon).Patutlah kadang mmg perasan tgh2 malam pernah nampak dia nak bukak kasut..mesti sebab dia ada rasa nak gi wewee tapi mata dia pejam..

Itulah dia pengalaman potty training budak yg tgh pakai braces ni. Yg mencabar pada waktu malamnye.

Kawan2 - selamat berjaya!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Clubfoot will not stop her from cycling..

This video is dedicated to all clubfoot parents for your motivational support and encouragement.

One request for this blog readers especially if you are one of clubfoot parents, IS NOT TO GIVE UP HOPE.

Don't be scared to ask your specialist (whoever it is).

Your right is to get the best & the right treatment for your child.

If you need to travel, or to spend some of your time, you are encouraged to do so by all means.

No, not necessarily you need to go to Bangkok as we did but make sure your specialist did the right thing.

Take this challenge as one of the greatest gift from our Creator, and with courage & prayers, He will assist us.

I'm here to listen & to share your guts & feelings.

I'm here to assist whatever I can.

But YOU need to decide your own journey.

YOU need to be strong and wise in deciding the best treatment for your child.

Believe me, One day when you look at your child, you'll be proud that you have assist her to be able to walk like any other children.

Remember - Clubfoot will change your life... as it changes mine..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Salam Aidilfitri

Dah Hari yang ke-10..baru teringat..

Salam Aidilfitri untuk kawan-kawan clubfoot kami..:D

Dari kami, Ina, Imran & Dania..

Sesiapa yg sampai ke Subang Jaya/Shah Alam, jemput datang rumah ye..jgn lupa email/call dulu..:D

Monday, September 13, 2010

It has been a while..

Forgive me for not updating this blog..

It is not that I've forgot about it or have been busy..But I hv no update for this blog...

Do you want to share your story?

Email me at

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bumrungrad Appointment 13th July

Retetan gambar di Bumrungrad.
Siapa sangka, kanak2 ini dah 2 tahun ulang-alik ke Bangkok utk mendapatkan rawatan clubfoot.
Meredahi kota Bangkok yang penuh debu, yang penuh trajedi darah.
Pada awal 2 bulan, kakinye masih di simen selama 4 minggu.
Kiri Kanan orang bertanya, kenapa dengan kaki anak? Patah? Kemalangan?
Aku buat tatau ajek..kalau org tuh nampak ramah baru aku explain..

Setiba sampai di Bumrungrad, kami register dan nurse suruh tunggu.
Nurse kata Dr Amnuay belum check-in and dia nak tengok sendiri kaki Dania diX-ray..
Lagi pon belum pukul 10am..appointment pukul 10.30am.
Lepas tuh nurse datang and panggil masuk bilik Xray.
Kami duduk kejap and tetiba dengar suara Dr Amnuay panggil Dania.
Magicnye, Dania menyahut and salam dengan doctor.

Selalunye Dania kan meragam kalau masuk bilik Xray.
This time, aku explain dekat dia, doctor nak amek gambar kaki sakit, Robocop (a.k.a alatan Xray)akan ikut Dania berjalan.Dia percaya and she gave her best cooperation.

Then, Dr Amnuay went out and we need to proceed with another Xray.
Lepas habis Xray, kami tunggu dalam 5 minutes.
Nurse panggil lg utk amek berat Dania, and she is at 18kg.

Bile keluar dr bilik timbang, Dr Amnuay nampak kami, and terus panggil kami masuk.
Dr Amnuay check Xray and buat ukuran dorsiflexion.
He explained on Dania's clubfeet progress.
He compare with Dania's left foot.

He sounded happy while my heart can't stop pounding.
He said Dania's feet now at normal range.
Even the bone is correctly located.
Everything is almost perfect and I see you next year.
We said what???
'Unless you like to come here more often'..

This is our biggest achievement.
Dr Amnuay said Dania no longer need to wear brace at night and to continue streching.
But we decided to continue with the brace until she gave up.
Usually Dania would ask to wear the brace and her night milk before she go to sleep.

Thank you Dr, for making our trip more meaningful.
Thank you for the guidance, the counselling, the advise, the consolation and perhaps thank you for everything.

Thank you everyone and we are here to help you.

Note : Hospital Bill including Xray : 2,000 Baht = RM202..but it is if u can afford, don't waste ur time, go to Dr Amnuay or Dr Kelvin in Spore..

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Kalau aku ada anugerah nak bagi, kan ku anugerahkan Dania, kanak2 yang paling sabar ketika tido...kenape??


Sejak June 2008 sampai sekarang..dia belum pernah gagal memakai FAB, ponseti shoes.Walau dimana kami berada, sekalipon ke luar negara untuk bercuti, insya allah kami akan bawa kasut ini dalam luggage.Kalau flight malam, Dania akan start pakai kasut pukul 8pm atau 9pm.Dulu pernah Dania menangis, dan kami cabut kasut untuk seketika dan kenalpastikan apa punca Dania menangis ketika kasut itu dipakaikan.

Pesan Dr Amnuay, kasut ini paling penting dan perlu dipakai setiap malam walaupun dimana kami berada..kamu perlu patah balik sekiranya terlupa bawa..:D

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Calling one

Many of my friends/relatives called me and they said they have friends who had clubfoot problem.

I just can share my experience, my simple knowledge..Somehow how I wish I can do more.

I'm setting up a fund with our 1st objective to introduce Malaysian Clubfoot official website.Latest news, we have registered the website..:D

We've got our initial fund from our Thai Silk Sales. We will continue to find a way to generate fund for this small charity project.

Other than that, we can help those low income earners on travelling subsidy for clubfoot treatment. Dania would love to meet all of her friends.

Then my next target is to have a pool Ponseti FAB shoes. So that people can rent intead of buying.

I have a lots of plan in mind and I need sponsors.

I need our own local physician to assist me on consulting this parents. Why can't any of them help me?Is it too much to ask?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dania's 2nd FAB

When her dad told her she got a new shoes, she was so excited.I'm a bit worry that she may not get it. Once she open the box, you can see her face was so excited seeing her new FAB..fuhhhss..

This is her new Ponseti Shoe Size 7/8. She has been in this corrective shoes since she was 14 months old. For record, now she is coming to 36 months old. She is wearing the shoe every night without fail (yet!!) and we are accommodating at least 10 hours per night. But sometimes it less.
We are quite lucky that Dania is very much cooperative when wearing the shoe except that there was time she was crying in pain at night. I think she had a nightmare...:D
So, guys don't give up ya!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Relapse

My lil Adam D is having another relapse i think.. it's been quite some time since he began to walk and we are still thinking whether to continue treatment at HUKM or not.

Frankly speaking, HUKM is not to be blamed on his foot relapsing. after the tenotomy and follow ups treatment, Adam started to wear FAB and we succesfully made him wear it until he started to walk and he refused to wear the FAB by throwing so much of tantrums which finally the FAB torn because of him and became useless at all.

and since then, he never wear any FAB and we also stop from going for follow up treatment at HUKM. i must say that i am not strong as Ina mentally and.. financially. buying another shoes surely costs us pretty much plus travelling to/fro for his treatment and we are currently in a situation where we need to save money due to some reason. and of course it hurts to see him walking in such way.

we had reached to the extend where we had gave up hopes and can just watch him walk in such condition. he can walk, he can run (quite fast u can't imagine) but of course his feet (especially the left feet) obviously we can see it turned inwards whenever he stepped. i do not know when is the right time to start his treatment again and i just don't know what to do anymore.

* i'm a bit emotional when writing this posting now.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dania 1st jogging activity

Dania has been walking for a year, jumping around, she can squat, she can dance and she can do jumping frog. Indeed a corrected clubfoot feet would not stop her in what she want and loves to do.

See from the back. No one cam ever think that she was born with unilateral clubfoot. Alhamdullilah, she is like any other normal kids..:)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dania 1st Anniversary of walking

I think not many parents out there will celebrate their children 1st Anniversary of walking. A year ago, Dania surprised us with her ability to stand up and walk like a champion. She was 22months old when she had her 1st independent walks.

I'm proud of her. After 22 months of struggling to treat her clubfoot problem, she finally walks.I used to be worried about her but now I'm confident clubfoot children are like any other normal kids. Watching her walking is priceless. She is my spirit and love of my life.

We will remember 14th February not because of Valentine's day but this is the day Dania finally walks!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Aktiviti Physio utk clubfoot

If your clubfoot child is still on brace, you are advised to do some light exercise to ensure the feet is soft and dorsiflexion is improved. Dorsiflexion tuh adalah pergerakan kaki apabila tapak kaki ditolak dari permukaan rata ke arah keting kaki. Lakukan pada waktu pagi dan sebelum tido.

Kaki Dania yang ditolak keluar (outwards direction)

Dan kaki ditolak keatas untuk mendapat angle yang baik. Cara ini akan membolahkan kaki anak anda flexible ketika dia menyangkung (squat).

Other than this exercise, for those clubfoot child yg dah started walking, u can ask them to play run & catch, Perhatikan cara mereka mengambil bola. Aajar anak menyangkung (squatting) also good. I'll post on how I teach Dania squat later...Keep on exercise you child's feet!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Ke Bangkok

Kami akan ke Bangkok lagi untuk kali ke 9 kalau tak silap..:)
Updates will be later.
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