Monday, September 29, 2008

Eid Mubarak

Dear Muslim Clubfoot supporters,

Salam AiDiLFitri to all of you and hopefully we have find our long lost soul during Ramadhan and re-gain our true sipirt of ourselves, Amin!

This is the very first time for Dania celebrating Aidilfitri without her cast!! attached was during last year Aidilfitri...:)

Last year, she is still in casting [after 2nd surgery] and personally I thought that Dania will still be in casting and no idea the casting will be ended this soon..Now she is in Mitchell shoe 10-12 hours at night time...

Thank you to all my nosurgery4clubfoot circle of friends who actually lead us to Dr Ponseti,Dr Dobbs and of course Dr Amnuay.

This weekend will be the Ponseti Symphosium at Iowa, I've doubt there is representative from Malaysia [yelahkan Raya time]... hmm...maybe I'm wrong..anyway they don't bother to spread this method sincerely...[so sad!!]
-Ina & Dania

Sunday, September 14, 2008

From my eyes

I was about to write the different between Original Ponseti Method [O.P.M] vs Malaysian own Ponseti [I referring to what Dania has gone through] long time ago..I may add more as at when I remember..

1. O.P.M - casting could only takes not more than 7 times but in Dania case, I think it is more than 15 times. huh? Through Ponseti websites, casting more than 7 times is a signal that the treatment is in fault...Hulalala...The treatment can be shortened by changing the plaster casts every five HKL, the casting change every 2 weeks...

2. O.P.M - you can only removed the cast about an hour before new cast applied but in Dania case, we need to do it at home before we reach Hospital.

3. O.P.M - the infant should not be in struggling mode to ensure the casting is well applied but in Dania's case or even her friends, crying out loud like no body business.In Bangkok, Dania was put on sleep during the manupulation to ensure the Ponseti casting method is well applied.

4.O.P.M - Surgeons with limited experience in the treatment of clubfoot should not attempt to correct the deformity. They may succeed in correcting mild clubfeet, but the severe cases require experienced hands. But in Dania's case, in HKL there is none of them is Ponseti certified and no wonder they can't help that much. In HKL, the check up is done by the Medical Officer [MO] but the casting is applied by the so call orthopedic specialist...hmm I'm so speechless...I still keep some of Dania's cast at home since the cast can easily slipped off.Hmm, no wonder!!

5. O.P.M - In order to prevent relapse after following the casting process, the child will be fitted with a splint consisting of a bar with high top, open-toed shoes.The child will need to wear this splint full-time for the first 2-3 months and then at night for 2-4 years. In HKL, we saw a lots of clubfoot kids wearing Dennis Brown shoe without a bar and they wear the shoe as walking shoe!!!!! Dania could be one of them but we were lucky, Dr Ponseti direct us to the right person.

So parents out there, please visit Ponseti International website to understand more on this method and Good Luck!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Malaysia Boleh!

Last Tuesday, we went to HKL [again!] for Dania's premature progress check up. Bilik No 10 , we waited about 30 mins before our turn. The paed was a Indian/Sikh Lady,very warm and friendly. Very soft spoken but Dania's trauma started when the paed tried to talk to me.The Paed asked about her clubfoot feet.

Paed : How's her clubfoot problem, mem?
Me : Yeah, corrected and we got it done in Bangkok but not here..;p
Paed : Oh, You went to Bangkok? Their treatment is good?
Me : Much better and you wont get it done fast in Malaysia.
Paed : Oh long as her feet is corrected kan..[smile]..
Me : Yeah, you are right . [The option is only applicable for those can afford, Doc.What happen for those who can't afford?The HKL paed Orthopedics is still sleeping, can u wake them up?Hmm I don't think Prof Sharaf can take them all]

Oh ya I met one of the lady who was used to make Dania's splint, and show her Dania's feet [proudly].Yes, she still remember us..:)

Malaysia ku Boleh!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Hari ini saya rasa terharu seorang ibu berterima kasih dengan saya kerana menemukan beliau dengan doctor yang pakar dlm Ponseti method ini di HUKM. Walaupon masih didalam progress, tetapi baliau sudah nampak keberkesanan dan kaki anak anak beliau nampak banyak perubahan dari cara Ponseti tersebut.Saya bersyukur kerana usaha saya yang sehalus kuman ini dapat membantu beliau dan keluarga. At least, beliau tidak mengalami apa yang kami telah alami di HKL.Saya masih lagi marah atas apa yang berlaku tapi marah saya semakin reda.
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