Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Relapse

My lil Adam D is having another relapse i think.. it's been quite some time since he began to walk and we are still thinking whether to continue treatment at HUKM or not.

Frankly speaking, HUKM is not to be blamed on his foot relapsing. after the tenotomy and follow ups treatment, Adam started to wear FAB and we succesfully made him wear it until he started to walk and he refused to wear the FAB by throwing so much of tantrums which finally the FAB torn because of him and became useless at all.

and since then, he never wear any FAB and we also stop from going for follow up treatment at HUKM. i must say that i am not strong as Ina mentally and.. financially. buying another shoes surely costs us pretty much plus travelling to/fro for his treatment and we are currently in a situation where we need to save money due to some reason. and of course it hurts to see him walking in such way.

we had reached to the extend where we had gave up hopes and can just watch him walk in such condition. he can walk, he can run (quite fast u can't imagine) but of course his feet (especially the left feet) obviously we can see it turned inwards whenever he stepped. i do not know when is the right time to start his treatment again and i just don't know what to do anymore.

* i'm a bit emotional when writing this posting now.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dania 1st jogging activity

Dania has been walking for a year, jumping around, she can squat, she can dance and she can do jumping frog. Indeed a corrected clubfoot feet would not stop her in what she want and loves to do.

See from the back. No one cam ever think that she was born with unilateral clubfoot. Alhamdullilah, she is like any other normal kids..:)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dania 1st Anniversary of walking

I think not many parents out there will celebrate their children 1st Anniversary of walking. A year ago, Dania surprised us with her ability to stand up and walk like a champion. She was 22months old when she had her 1st independent walks.

I'm proud of her. After 22 months of struggling to treat her clubfoot problem, she finally walks.I used to be worried about her but now I'm confident clubfoot children are like any other normal kids. Watching her walking is priceless. She is my spirit and love of my life.

We will remember 14th February not because of Valentine's day but this is the day Dania finally walks!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Aktiviti Physio utk clubfoot

If your clubfoot child is still on brace, you are advised to do some light exercise to ensure the feet is soft and dorsiflexion is improved. Dorsiflexion tuh adalah pergerakan kaki apabila tapak kaki ditolak dari permukaan rata ke arah keting kaki. Lakukan pada waktu pagi dan sebelum tido.

Kaki Dania yang ditolak keluar (outwards direction)

Dan kaki ditolak keatas untuk mendapat angle yang baik. Cara ini akan membolahkan kaki anak anda flexible ketika dia menyangkung (squat).

Other than this exercise, for those clubfoot child yg dah started walking, u can ask them to play run & catch, Perhatikan cara mereka mengambil bola. Aajar anak menyangkung (squatting) also good. I'll post on how I teach Dania squat later...Keep on exercise you child's feet!!
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