Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tenotomy experience

The parent's of clubfoot child shared their experience on their child's tenotomy.I've extracted this info from the nosurgery4clubfoot at Yahoo health forum.You may join the group too.Very informative and active forum.

Lisa- Our daughter Avery (RCF) had her tenotomy at 6 months of age a few
weeks ago. They used the cream (applied an hour before), and we gave
her Tylenol. We wavered on staying in the room, but decided to and
were very glad we did. Honestly, I think we would've regretted not
being there for our little one. It was VERY fast and all over quickly. AFTER they cut the Achilles
they gave her a lidocane shot directly into the site, and she was
feeling less pain soon after. They let us cuddle with her for a
while, then put her holding cast on after she was well comforted.

Korinne-My husband and I were both in the room for it...Dr. Morcuende did it, while Dr. P held my son's foot. My husband actually watched as they cut, I just looked into my baby's tear filled was hard, but soooo worth it.

Amber -The tenotomy isn't that bad. They used a cream on Brody's heel. I held him and my hubby was in the room too. He cried more getting his casts on than during the surgery. Honestly they only poke a scalpel into his heel and I think I saw one drop of blood. I was a WRECK going in but then when it was over I thought "wow, that was nothing"! The incision is this long --- We take our son to UVA so it was the Dr, my husband, me, a nurse and a resident in the room.

Jocelyn - My son has his heel cord cut at 8 weeks old. He slept through the whole thing! They didn't even need use any anesthesia, and he was only out of my arms for 20 minutes. I would have loved to be in the room holding him, but that wasn't an option for us. He experienced a little bit of spotting but it didn't bother him at all. he was immediately lifting his legs and kicking away!

Ana Teixeira-Yeah, according to Dr. P technique, it is not necessary to be in a surgery
room with general anesthesia. I could hold my baby and we couldn't believe
he even slept during the procedure! Don't worry it is very simple and the babies don't feel any pain or

Tovey - We had Jack's tenotomy done in Iowa with Dr. P. Dr. M. actually did the procedure, but Dr. P was there too. I elected to not be in the room since it is hard to see Jack cry and I also had my other two little ones with me. My husband stayed with Jack and he said it wasn't a big deal. I believe they used a cream, but I'm not positive. Jack didn't cry when they did the tenotomy, but he cryed when they put on the betadine. He cryed less during the tenotomy then he did every cast change. I seems a little scary, but it is quick and not so bad:)

My experience?
It was done in Paed Operation Theater, HKL . I remember it was Monday and first case in the morning.It was like sending Dania to big operation. Doctor do not really explain what is tenotomy but they've only explained that they are going to cut the stubborn tendon. I was so sad because Dania need to fast before and after the procedure. She fast about 4 hours before & after the procedure and she cried for milk.After the surgery, u know what the Ortho Surgeon Consultant told me? 'Actually Dania's feet is not ready for tenotomy. But we shall see what we can do to help her'...huh?

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