Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On Brace..

On the net, people are still arguing with which is the best FAB for clubfoot child..well, one thing for sure is after we've experienced most terrible treatment from our local hospital, now,we are happy with Ponseti-Mitchell FAB which Dania's comfortable in it since Aug 2008..

So far we don't need Dobbs Barr since Dania is quite tolerable with Mitchell FAB..Exclude recent June, she was quite unhappy with certain things includinh wearing the FAB, and I guess she missed her dad so much (her dad had oversea's assignment).. she always cried during night time and complaint her feet is painful and asked me to take out the brace which I did but when she return to sleep, I put the brace on..I even put her brace during day time for few hours..

I will not turn back, so do you parents..We've been in this journey so far and I'm confident that we will be on the right track as long as we stick to Ponseti Protocol...It is so heart-sickening to watch your child in cast again, isn't it?

I still didn't get any reply from media for Ponseti method publicity..Hmm..Dr Amnuay is right, this clubfoot is just a small issue and will not be the highlight of the day..

But we need to do something to educate clubfoot's parents who needs our experience..any ideas?

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