Saturday, December 19, 2009

Finally i turned back to DB bar..

it's been a long time since i last writing. too busy with the workloads and problems at work.

my budak bucuk is currently 21 months old and he just started to walk about 2 weeks ago. i just couldn't believe when he stand up and begin to walk. Frankly speaking, my baby now is still wearing FAB but we no longer use Dobbs bar. Instead, we use Dennis Brown bar like previous time.

The reason why we turn back to Dennis bar is simply because of the foot condition. Maybe I have to agree with Ina since I saw it myself. Dobbs bar can be very convenient for the parents where baby mostly not making over a fuss and can freely move their legs but later on we discovered that it cannot make the foot stands flat. Mungkin disebabkan bar position yg menyebabkan kaki berjengket which is soooo frustrating to us. I’m not really good at describing words but I’ll find some other time to upload pics.

So we turned back to DB bar and Adam looks pretty ok with it.. especially in the childcare. I must thank all the staffs at the childcare for able to adhere to the instruction to make him wear FAB at least few hours even though he’s quite against it especially during nap time.
I found it difficult to make him wear the FAB especially at home where he will always come to me and ask me to take it off and started to show tantrums whenever I refused. But thank God, he can wear the FAB during outing and only ask me to take it off when reach home. I must say that I am not really complying to make him wear FAB for most of the times but at least I still make him wear it everyday even for few hours only. scare of relapse? of course!


Ina said...


Thanks for the updates!!!

Hugs & Kisses for Adam..yeahh Adam now can walks!!!

raaj said...

I am extremely thankful for sharing your valuable experience madam. I was in a confusion whether to go for dobbs bar or retain FAB.. now after your post i got clarity

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