Saturday, October 30, 2010

Clubfoot will not stop her from cycling..

This video is dedicated to all clubfoot parents for your motivational support and encouragement.

One request for this blog readers especially if you are one of clubfoot parents, IS NOT TO GIVE UP HOPE.

Don't be scared to ask your specialist (whoever it is).

Your right is to get the best & the right treatment for your child.

If you need to travel, or to spend some of your time, you are encouraged to do so by all means.

No, not necessarily you need to go to Bangkok as we did but make sure your specialist did the right thing.

Take this challenge as one of the greatest gift from our Creator, and with courage & prayers, He will assist us.

I'm here to listen & to share your guts & feelings.

I'm here to assist whatever I can.

But YOU need to decide your own journey.

YOU need to be strong and wise in deciding the best treatment for your child.

Believe me, One day when you look at your child, you'll be proud that you have assist her to be able to walk like any other children.

Remember - Clubfoot will change your life... as it changes mine..


AzaMazelan said...

Taniah kepada Ina sekeluarga. Berkat kesabaran dan kesungguhan, kaki Dania berjaya dipulihkan.
For us, we still have a long journey even though it has been 4 years since my son, wafiy had his first cast. Wafiy was diagnosed to have severe CTEV. In the beginning, wafiy underwent serial casting treatment based on the ponsetti method. since then, he had more than 25 times of casts, splint and 4 surgeries. Still, his left foot is not fully corrected until now. And the specialists suggest to perform another op this early december to fix his left foot. However, me and my husband are not keen for another op as it is the same op as the last surgery held in June (they claim the latest surgery is not successful). for us, if it failed, why should they do the same thing?. So we are thinking to get 2nd opinion or find another specialist for review. I'm glad to find your blog. I'll try email Dr. Amnuay regarding wafiy's condition. Thanks for sharing the experience and info. Hope it will be an inspiration to other parents and make them feel they are not alone and not to give up. Thanks.

Ina said...

salam Aza..thanks for ur visit..

4 surgeries? 25 casting?? hmmm how old is your son now? we can meet up if you me for the details, ya..we want to know your story..

AzaMazelan said...

Salam Ina,

Yes, 4 surgeries (tenotomy,posterior capsule release, posteromedial release, and SPLATT).. yang ke-5 they all nak revise balik SPLATT procedure yg dah dibuat.. kecewa giler kami.. wafiy is 4.3 yrs old.. kalau x salah, ina tinggal di kl kan? kami di manjung, perak. insya Allah, nnt kita plan utk jumpa k. Aza balik kl for the first 2-3 weeks of school holiday.. jaga mak di kl yg nak kena operation lutut 23/11 ni..

khairunnizam1 said...

Assalammualaikum Aza...lamanya proses rawatan wafiy..apa khabar dia sekarang. Saya mempunyai anak kembar yang mempunyai masalah kaki yang agak serious. .tambah sendi-sendinya ketat.Dokter menjangkakan rawatannya akan mengambil masa yg panjang dan banyak kali nak kene buat casting..sekarang bb baru berusia 3 bulan...

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