Monday, November 14, 2011

Born Normal vs Born Clubfoot

Salam everyone..

My newborn arrived on 3rd Oct...Alhamdulillah she is born without clubfoot.

We (me & spouse) has discussed if the newborn has a clubfoot, we will straight go to Bangkok for treatment.

We will not worry anymore as this congenital abnormalities is treatable.

When we have Dania, we've been burden with her condition as premature baby and also her clubfoot problem.

Her paediatric and orthopedic physician are not helpful at all.

We know we can't expect too much from government hospital and we continue finding solution.
This is history. Now we want to share our experience and knowledge to clubfoot parents out there.

When Dhiya arrived, her feet is perfect but if it is not one thing for sure, we will not worry anymore.

To all parents out there, the main key of having this special child are patience and strong support from each other (husband & wife).

Tak payah nak salahkan keturunan isteri or keturunan suami yang ada genetic ni.

Ini anak kita, hasil benih kita, and we should take the responsibility to help this child.

Grand parents, family, friends & not forgotten employers must also involved with emotional support.

Good Luck to clubfoot parents wherever you are!

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Heavenpray said...

Salam i nak tanye i br dpt wonderful clubfoot baby both leg mlm td so apa 1st yg i perlu buat please guide me...

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