Sunday, June 21, 2015

2015 visit to Bangkok

Countless visit since Dania was 1 year old.

We slip last year because Durra was still small and it is so trouble to bring 2 toddlers in a flight.

Since Hokkaido trip last March, my kids suit themselves with journey in flight.

This is the finding of Dania's recent follow up in Bangkok.

1. From the X-ray her abnormal bone shows better location that previous years.
2. Last 2 years by looking at the X-ray, she has the potential to relapse. But the X-ray shows the feet looks better now.
3. Her calf looks smaller as per previous X-ray. but it is normal for unilateral clubfoot.
4. Dorsiflexion satisfy the minimum requirement.
5. She is required to do more stretching and exercising on her own.

Dania has more confident when converse with Dr Amnuay during this trip.
Before this she just keep quite and asked for translation.

The next follow up will be next 2 years but we will take yearly follow up instead.

Picture above is Nurse Naan.
She is leaving us to migrate to US.
She is now married with American.
She has been with us for the past 7 years.
Thank you Naan for your support through out this year and all the best to you at your new place.


Dilla Tan said...

Assalamualaikum puan.. i stumble across this blog while searching about clubfoot. I just gave birth yesterday to my 3rd baby with this condition. Would like to ask something from you. Can i have your email adress so that we can comunicate via that channel? Tq so much

Ina said...

Wsalam Pn Dilla..

U can email me at
and join us FB Clubfoot Malaysia.

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