Monday, September 29, 2008

Eid Mubarak

Dear Muslim Clubfoot supporters,

Salam AiDiLFitri to all of you and hopefully we have find our long lost soul during Ramadhan and re-gain our true sipirt of ourselves, Amin!

This is the very first time for Dania celebrating Aidilfitri without her cast!! attached was during last year Aidilfitri...:)

Last year, she is still in casting [after 2nd surgery] and personally I thought that Dania will still be in casting and no idea the casting will be ended this soon..Now she is in Mitchell shoe 10-12 hours at night time...

Thank you to all my nosurgery4clubfoot circle of friends who actually lead us to Dr Ponseti,Dr Dobbs and of course Dr Amnuay.

This weekend will be the Ponseti Symphosium at Iowa, I've doubt there is representative from Malaysia [yelahkan Raya time]... hmm...maybe I'm wrong..anyway they don't bother to spread this method sincerely...[so sad!!]
-Ina & Dania


Mary said...

Selamat Hari Raya to Ina & Dania,
Hi, I am so glad to found your blog. And Do you mind to tell me where did you get Mitchell 's shoes? Can it bought in Malaysia? My son is 2 months old and he has undergone several castings and is ready to wear brace, we just bought him Markell's shoes but we find it too heavy and it does not hold his leg.
Thanks for your blog, it helps me a lots.
Mrs Khoo

Ina said...

Hi Mrs Khoo,

Thank you for visiting this blog.

We bought Mitchell thru online at Our Dr has helped us on how to do the measurement.For sample, you can email me at

Keep on updating us on you son's progress. We would love to hear it from you!!


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