Thursday, September 11, 2008

Malaysia Boleh!

Last Tuesday, we went to HKL [again!] for Dania's premature progress check up. Bilik No 10 , we waited about 30 mins before our turn. The paed was a Indian/Sikh Lady,very warm and friendly. Very soft spoken but Dania's trauma started when the paed tried to talk to me.The Paed asked about her clubfoot feet.

Paed : How's her clubfoot problem, mem?
Me : Yeah, corrected and we got it done in Bangkok but not here..;p
Paed : Oh, You went to Bangkok? Their treatment is good?
Me : Much better and you wont get it done fast in Malaysia.
Paed : Oh long as her feet is corrected kan..[smile]..
Me : Yeah, you are right . [The option is only applicable for those can afford, Doc.What happen for those who can't afford?The HKL paed Orthopedics is still sleeping, can u wake them up?Hmm I don't think Prof Sharaf can take them all]

Oh ya I met one of the lady who was used to make Dania's splint, and show her Dania's feet [proudly].Yes, she still remember us..:)

Malaysia ku Boleh!!

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