Saturday, March 14, 2009

Markell vs Mitchells

Both FAB shoes are used to ensure the corrected feet stay corrected.

But what is the difference?

The Ponseti AFO Brace (also known as the Mitchell brace) made by MD Orthopaedics has been available since 2005. It's more expensive than the Markell FAB but is more comfortable and easier for the baby to adjust to. Dr Ponseti is involved in the design of the Ponseti AFO/ Mitchell brace and it is especially recommended for children with very small feet or complex clubfoot.
Mitchell shoes was originally developed for atypical clubfoot.

All of my clubfoot circle in Malaysia wears Markell since it easily can be purchased locally..Globally, now everybody is supporting the Mitchell shoes...and now we have new patented BAR developed by Dr Dobbs..:)

Dania is wearing Mitchell since a year ago..She is comfortable with Mitchell..I noticed with Mitchell we can ensure the heel is flatten from the heel window..Previously when we we got our false treatment in HKL, there a lot of clubfoot patient wearing markell without a brace..There is no point to wear the FAB without the brace..There is also some patients wear it as a walking shoes...

What do u say?


Honey D said...

agreed.. no use wearing the shoes without brace.

we can easily find markell shoes here in m'sia but mitchell, it's hard to find. the problem with markell shoe is when baby started to crawl, the shoe tends to take-off easily. but according to ponseti certified doc in spore, his patients has no problem wearing the markell shoes but of course with the dobbs bar.

oh ya, i think this blog should have a chatbox. who knows there are parents out there would like to ask question?

Ina said...

chatbox? ha nanti install..:)

btw,I'm a pro-ponseti, I will only support those shoes developed by Dr Ponseti...Since he is the one who invented this amazing treatment, I'm all out for the Mitchell is expensive but it is priceless...

Amir Iswadi said...


I was wondering where to buy the Mitchell shoes in Malaysia? My 2 month old boy has started with Markell shoes but keeps slipping out everytime he kicks. Really frustrated when i have to put it back on every 5 -10 minutes.


Ina said...
Not selling in Malaysia market
You confirm the markel caused the slipping?

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