Monday, May 18, 2009

Resistance vs Responsibility

Today I just got to know on how US parents went through financial difficulty in order to get the best non-surgical treatment for their clubfoot children. In States, they have Shriners, Ronald McDonald house, church houses, Kiwanis, charity flights e.g. Angel flight to fly them to Iowa Hospital, St Louis Hospital.

See, Mazila told me once, she had no choice but to stay with Dr Lyn Azura. She said if she got money, of course she will be flying to Bangkok like us. The good news is Dr Amnuay wants to sponsor their flight, accomodation & treatment. There are angels in Bangkok rather than here!

Dr Amnuay told me this clubfoot thingy is just a small issue in Thailand’s medical field.They have gone through a lot of resistance, challenges and egoism among the big doctors. At least they do have some physicians who cares about a child like Dania.

I think in Malaysia, this clubfoot is still considered as a small issue.
I remember a doctor told me via my personal blog that I should be thankful that my daughter do not have hole-in-heart problem. This is not about thankful or whatever you want to name it, this is about the credibility of a physician and their responsibility to their patient
>to cure their sickness,
>to ease their pain,
>to treat their illness with the CORRECT method without prejudice, without any modification, and without any delays.

Anyhow, in my personal opinion, whether you are rich or not, it is your responsibility to seek for the best treatment and work out all the possibilities to assist your child to get a better life.
The rest, is in God willing.

To Malaysian Orthopedics Association delegates who are going to Sutera Harbor this week, Selamat Bersidang.

Note : I can't wait to meet up my neurosurgeon coming July for annual MRI.Yippi yeahhh!!

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jyss said...

la ye ke? jom la contribute money. aku leh la bgk skit2 :)

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