Saturday, May 16, 2009

Surgery vs Non-surgical

Today I've read about something that I've almost let it happen to Dania about a year ago.

This clubfoot patient went through casting from 3 days old to 11 months, 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off.When she was 14 months she had the Achilles lengthen and bones moves around with the pin to hold everything together.Now she is 10 1/2 and she has a screw planted in her bone which stayed for a year. According to the parent their orthopedics had plan B where they plan take out some of the growth plate, to stop the growth.

Fuhhssss....,'screw' sounds scary to me...Why is this parents allow such painful treatment to his child? I think I know...When a nurse took off the operation's clips from my head a year ago, I was so scared and as expected, it was a painful experience to me. Then when Dania's early physicians plan to have 3rd surgery on her feet, I feel something is so wrong. Furthermore the physicians said they only can decide which part they want to cut on the day of operation itself. Scary eh?? They also are not sure what they wanted to do.

What if my neurosurgeon told me that he do not know which part to start to remove the tumor and he can only decide on the operation day itself? I think I'm going to faint again..

As one of my circle of clubfoot friend said which I most agreed is 'one of the greatest aspects of the Ponseti method is that it is gentle and not painful. '

Below photos are our experience from Ponseti method and the screw no pain,only 2 scar from previous modified Ponseti see the scar, double click at the most right photo..Btw, Dania clubfoot feet is at her right foot...:)

Note : Dania is 25 months old...still follow up at Bumrungrad Bangkok under supervision of Dr Amnuay Jirasirikul, the certified physician of Ponseti Method..

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